Cypher Query Language (CQL)??

Cypher is a declarative query language for Neo4j graph database designed by Neo4j technology. Okay in a layman words “it is a language humans use to communicate with the graph database”


Some Key   features of Cypher Query Language listed below

  1. Readability: Cypher is easily readable by humans
  2. Learning Curve: It’s very easy for beginners to used cypher to traverse the graph database.
  3. Open source: meaning you can use it as your querying language for graph database within any product.  

Cypher Query  Language in Practice

— Show all Closed Airport Types IN NIGERIA
MATCH (b:Airport_Type )<-[:AIRPORT_TYPE]-(a:Airport)-[:OPERATED_IN]->(c:airport_regions) WHERE’3′ AND a.iso_country=’NG’
RETURN a.iso_country,a.latitude_deg,a.longitude_deg,a.municipality,a.iso_region,a.elevation_ft,,,a.ident



Well cypher is a very good user friendly query language for graph database.

I would urge you to give it a trial !!!!!!!!!! .

More info on cypher  see link


Graph Theory For Information Management

Graph theory is a mathematical concept on the basis of pair wise relationship between nodes or vertices.okay put simply it basically two entities connected by a relationship,
graph theory has been around for a very long time, however graph theory for information management has gained a lot traction due to recent advances made in technology.

Graph database modeling
Graph database modeling showing the relationship between nodes

I personal stumbled upon graph database last year  after taking keen interest in NoSQL database platform. A quote by Emil Emfrem “graphs are eating the world”
Today graph database platforms are in demand due to it improved performance especially when used for building modern day  applications (onsite and cloud-based solutions).

  Top ranked Graph database platforms ,seen below




4. ArangoDB



I have personally used graph database platform for some of my contemporary jobs and  i can conclude without an iota of doubt that it is indeed ready to give other  database platforms a run for it money.


Some Graph Databases Applications

  1. Master Data Management
  2. Fraud Detection Analysis
  3. Project Management
  4. Social Network Analysis
  5. Real Time Recommendations and many more.