Cypher Query Language (CQL)??

Cypher is a declarative query language for Neo4j graph database designed by Neo4j technology. Okay in a layman words “it is a language humans use to communicate with the graph database”


Some Key   features of Cypher Query Language listed below

  1. Readability: Cypher is easily readable by humans
  2. Learning Curve: It’s very easy for beginners to used cypher to traverse the graph database.
  3. Open source: meaning you can use it as your querying language for graph database within any product.  

Cypher Query  Language in Practice

— Show all Closed Airport Types IN NIGERIA
MATCH (b:Airport_Type )<-[:AIRPORT_TYPE]-(a:Airport)-[:OPERATED_IN]->(c:airport_regions) WHERE’3′ AND a.iso_country=’NG’
RETURN a.iso_country,a.latitude_deg,a.longitude_deg,a.municipality,a.iso_region,a.elevation_ft,,,a.ident



Well cypher is a very good user friendly query language for graph database.

I would urge you to give it a trial !!!!!!!!!! .

More info on cypher  see link