The states IGR stats for The Year 2014

The  Price of crude oil has taken a big hit (fall in prices) , federally allocated revenue from the sale of crude oil  to all states within Nigeria have been affected (declining revenues). This current trend has affected the fiscal policies of many states , with a lot of states having challenges in meeting up with their obligations.  The internally generated revenues  (IGR) constitutes other source of incomes to the states apart from the  federally allocated revenue from the sales of crude oil.

States would now have to rely  more on increasing  internally generated revenue by ensuring everyone pays his or her own fair share of  taxes. State that can effectively and efficiently increase their Internally generated revenues would find fiscal policy  implementation less of a headache than those would can`t.

The visualisation below shows the IGR for 36 states within the federation the size of the bubble is an indication of the amount Internally generated revenue for the 2014 year.









Concluding remarks it is hope that public policy makers would take concrete steps at improving their IGR to avoid fiscal policy crisis.




What is an Online Analysis Processing System?


What is an OLAP CUBE?

OLAP simply translated into Online Analysis Processing , it is the process of viewing data in a multi-dimensional format  i.e.  slicing and dicing of data from various  multiple perspectives.


It involves the deployment of both fact and dimensional tables. Many enterprise business use OLAP to view their performance against diverse variables such as sales by locations by a given quarter.

I  have personal experiences with the application of OLAP systems in various data warehousing projects in which i have undertaken in the past. It is feels pretty good to harness the rich capabilities that an OLAP system brings into the business . Some of the features of an OLAP includes hierarchies look ups,drill through of data, slicing and dicing of  data  etc.

Why you need an Online Analysis Processing  System


Many contemporary dashboards  reports are built on  existing OLAP systems, Your ROI upon the adoption of an OLAP systems for your business  would be very huge (i.e if you don’t have one already)

Some OLAP vendors